Syde Trip Pillow: Our Story

This is More Than a Pillow.

This is the story of a medical device developer who worked for decades to solve human problems — not just sell products. An inventor on a mission to develop meaningful medical product solutions that people truly need.

Invented by Someone Like You — A Side Sleeper.

Throughout his research and inventions, one problem kept nagging him and those he talked to:

Getting quality sleep on your side.

As a side sleeper himself, he knew traditional "sack-style" pillows weren’t designed for comfortable side sleeping. They don’t give side sleepers the alignment they need to enter a deep, uninterrupted sleep. Instead of rest, they wake up with
stress on their spine, back, hips, neck, and shoulders.

So, he went to work making protoype after prototype. Testing with customers. Refining the idea.…

And finally, the Syde Pillow was born: A new, innovative pillow shaped to meet the biomechanical needs of side sleepers to finally achieve the deep sleep they deserve.

The Side Sleeper Pillow: Deep Sleep by Design

Finally, a side sleeper pillow made to meet your needs.

Standard pillows collapse when you hit the sack. They don’t support your head, leaving your neck and spine misaligned as you fall asleep. As a result, you’re likely to toss and turn in the night — or wake up in pain.

The Syde Pillow changes this:

Supports Deep Sleep

By design of its unique shape, the side sleeper pillow tucks into the space between your neck and shoulder.

As a result? Your body is aligned and can truly relax and fall into a deep sleep.

Reduced Morning Pain

As a side sleeper pillow for shoulder pain, the Syde Pillow engages your shoulder, supporting the neck and head for less pain in the morning.

Quality Sleep, Wherever You Are

Take deep sleep with you, thanks to Syde Home and Syde Trip: Your side sleeper pillow companions for rest are always with you.

CPAP Pillow for Side Sleepers

As a fellow side sleeper and CPAP user, the creator of Syde was too familiar with the pains of standard pillows. The Syde Pillow was crafted with this in mind, making it a revolutionary CPAP pillow for side sleepers.