The pillow designed exclusively for side sleepers.

The trapezoidal design of Syde Pillows tucks into your Shoulder Pocket to maintain alignment of your head, neck and spine well after you fully relax and drift off into DEEP SLEEP.

No more reawakening over and over to readjust every time you finally fall asleep!

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Syde's Features and Benefits

The Problem - The Solution

“Sack style” pillows slump with you as you drift into deep sleep on your side.
The trapezoidal Shoulder Pocket design of the Syde Pillow mechanically supports andaligns your head, neck and back as you relax intodeep sleep.

Syde Sleeper Testimonials

"I think the pillow is perfect for side sleepers. I like the way it tucks under your neck and up against your shoulder to keep your head from sagging. I also like the fact that you can toss and turn without having to fluff up your pillow and adjust it stays in place. "

Ara S, California

"Comfort!!! I love this pillow. It is so comfortable and great for side sleepers."

Amy D, Arizona

"I wanted to tell you how excited I am about my pillow. I have had neck problems for a long time, have gone to physical therapy and have tried other pillows. Nothing seemed to help the way this one has. I sleep on my side and it is wonderful I no longer have neck or shoulder pain. Thank you so much for this wonderful pillow! I'll be sure to tell my friends and others who have neck problems like I did."

Marilyn D, California

"It really works giving me a great night's sleep. People have been trained to think of a pillow as looking a certain way. Once people get by that it looks different they focus on what it does for them. It works!"

Jack N, Indiana

"Let me begin by saying the Syde Pillow is 5 stars.  I compared Syde Pillow to two other pillows that claim to provide outstanding neck and back support.  I slept on each pillow for one month .... The bottom line was the Syde Pillow worked extremely well for a side sleeper like me.  I found that it supported my neck the best and my spine angle was straight in line with my back.  I had far less discomfort in my neck and my upper back all the way to between my shoulder blades.  Neither of the other two pillows that promised neck support provide near the comfort and pain relief the Syde Pillow provided. Yes, Syde Pillow is a very different looking pillow.  I found the unique design of the pillow was very necessary for the pillow to fit in the correct spot between my shoulder and head.  This design gave me full support in the right places to allow me to not think about my neck and back and thus allow me to fall asleep twice as fast.  Thank you very much Syde Pillow."

John A., Arizona

Syde Home: Deep side sleep at home...

Syde Home promotes head, neck and spine alignment to give you DEEP SLEEP in a revolutionary side sleeping pillow that fits into any queen-size pillowcase.

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Syde Trip: Take deep side sleep on the road..

Pack & Go: Roll it up and insert it into your luggage. No need to endure those old, worn out hotel pillows.

Take deep, rejuvenating side sleep with you!

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What if I sometimes sleep on my side, but not all the time?

We appreciate everyone's interest in Syde Pillows. However, they work best for people who side exclusively on their side. If you sleep in multiple positions at night, perhaps another pillow will serve your need the best.

How much loft do I need for my Syde pillow?

When you are ordering your Syde Pillow, there is a link on the page entitled, "Syde Pillow Loft Selection Chart". Simply find your height and t-shirt size on the chart and it will guide you to the right size. If your body size is close to the edge of two loft thicknesses, select the lower loft.

Are the materials safe?

Yes. All materials are made of high quality memory foam and fabrics widely used in the USA. Notably, the memory foam does not have that strong off-gassing odor that many pillows give off when first opened.

How do I wash my Syde Pillow?

Wash the fabric materials as in cold water on the delicate setting. Do not wash the memory foam.

Why do Syde Pillows look different than my regular bed pillows?

Syde Pillows are designed to serve your side sleeping needs, so they will look different from "sack style" pillows that keep you tossing and turning all night. Decoration or Great Sleep? We choose GREAT SLEEP!